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Our lives are frequently and significantly affected by food. Because we must eat to survive, many human cultures have developed with food at their very core. The goal of this podcast is to explore the complexity and nuance of food systems, celebrate the progress we have made, and debate the best ways for humans to proceed forward into the future. 

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May 19, 2023

Is our current food system sustainable? 

The consumption of seasonal, locally produced food sustains nutritional value, reduces the carbon footprint, and supports the growth of local economies. In many ways we have lost our connection to food — including understanding where our food comes from, how it is produced, the comradery developed in sharing food, and why it is important to eat seasonally and with intention. 

In this episode, we talk with Nat and Alison Bjerke-Harvey, co-owners of Piccalilli Farm in Geary County outside of Manhattan, KS. With formal training in history and environmental biology, Nat and Alison’s interest and passion for food has taken them beyond those areas of study headlong into the food system. From baking to cheese making, they have now landed squarely in the arena of sustainable farming and community building.

 Is it time to rethink what a sustainable food system is?